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Jun 17

The countdown for Antonio's keynote at #HPEDiscover has come down to the wee teens of hours left. Tune in LIVE tomorrow at 9am Pacific for the first ever corporate keynote at The Sphere in Las Vegas!

Jun 7

In my defense, a historical graph would show the opposite. 😬 #HappyFriday folks! 🥂

Jun 7

The June HPE Developer Community Newsletter is OUT! (Well, earlier in the week! 🏖) There are literally TONS of new blog posts, news and upcoming events. Stay up-to-date!

Jun 7

You might be interested in how we got here? Learn about the 10 year journey for #Kubernetes on the kubernetes dot io blog.

Jun 7

It's been a ride so far! Tune into the live stream from Google HQ in Silicon Value for the 10 year anniversary of #Kubernetes