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The Social Queue

Dec 6

Multi-modal generative AI is here. Welcome to the party, Google Gemini.

Dec 5

The HPE Developer Community newsletter for December is out! Learn how to scale #Kubernetes clusters on Private Cloud Enterprise and have a trip down memory lane on how to run HA NFS Servers with HPE ServiceGuard (we ran NFS this way at my first job using HP-UX 20 years ago).

Dec 5

How's your Tuesday going? My IT department is having a fire drill.

Dec 1

Bloomberg got wind of the latest news around the HPE + Nvidia partnership and now have Antonio on speed dial.

Dec 1

Today is a great day to check out Around The Storage Block ― the blog for all things storage at HPE. Four new blogs dives into all the announcements at HPE Discover in Barcelona (hint: it's a lot!)