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Apr 17

Like clockwork! 🕰 #Kubernetes 1.30 "uwubernetes" released today as scheduled. 🗓 Congrats to the team! 🤝 Read all about it on the release blog. 🗞 My first cluster is on its way up! 🚀

Apr 13

Customers never sleep! We released HPE CSI Driver for #Kubernetes v2.4.2 this week due to an issue found by a customer that stalled an important project.There's also an issue affecting all HPE Alletra Storage MP backwards compatible platforms, learn more in the link below.

Apr 9

Sometimes, but not all of the time, the "M" is silent in TME.

Apr 8

The April HPE Developer Newsletter is out! 🗞 Learn all about the GreenLake APIs and deep-dive in to data protection on Kubernetes with Kasten K10 and HPE CSI Driver for #Kubernetes and MUCH MORE!🔥

Mar 26

Doing a bit of spring cleaning under my desk. Replaced a dbx, audio interface and separate capture card (it's in there somewhere) with a RODE StreamerX. So far I kinda like it but the noise gate on the dbx I found easier to work with. I'm very pleasantly surprised how well the XLR input synced with ...Read more