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Feb 22

What are our top priorities in 2024? Learn from #HPE CEO Antonio Neri how #HybridCloud and #AI will empower businesses for years to come and picking the right partner might be more important than you think. #GreenLake

Feb 17

It's been a busy week and busier it will get. 🏋️ I just did 6km on my board in the neighborhood during a very late lunch. Looks like rain is coming in. #HappyLongWeekend

Feb 16

The whims of "some new non-technical management at ..." (read: Product Manager) ruined a perfectly good open source project. Welcome to the world freenginx! Ars has the scoop.

Feb 15

I hope everyone is having a nice #ValentinesDay! I wrote myself a card copying and pasting directly from my workspace. 💘 #kubernetes #crashloopbackoff

Feb 14

The HPE GreenLake for Block Storage powered by HPE Alletra Storage MP just dropped release 3. This flagship release brings the much sought after switched architecture to allow improved scaling and predictability.